ABB is a world leader in power and automation technology. The cooperation between our companies is focused on the implementation of digital DC drives
AC-Motoren AC-Motoren AC-Motoren
The German company AC-Motoren GmbH produces a wide range of AC motors of the IEC standard, and not only for a wide variety of drive systems, the power range of the models produced is extremely wide.
Baumer Huebner Baumer Huebner Baumer Huebner
Baumer Hubner is one of the European leaders in the production of feedback sensors for determining the speed of rotation, the position of the rotating shaft, tracking the length of movement – these are optical, magnetic, absolute and incremental encoders, DC and AC tachogenerators.
Baumuller Baumuller Baumuller
The German company Baumuller produces a wide range of products designed to create high-performance and intelligent automation systems for industrial operations. They have
Bitner Bitner Bitner
BITNER Sp. is a Polish manufacturer of cables and wires operating on the market since 1996. The focus is primarily on contractors, construction companies and commercial organizations working in the field of electrical engineering, energy, industrial automation, telecommunications and IT. A wide range of products is a great advantage of the company.
Brevini Brevini Brevini
The Italian manufacturer in the field of power transmission company Dana Brevini is one of the leading suppliers of gearboxes and gear motors worldwide
Cear Motors Cear Motors Cear Motors
Cear Motors (Italy) - one of the leading European manufacturers of electro-mechanical machines with technology of using DC. They have developed motors and generators have proven themselves through excellent performance and dynamic performance, reliability and compactness.
Comer Comer Comer
The Comer range of motors covers a variety of industrial applications and comes in a wide variety of designs. These are models with an open and closed case design, energy efficiency classes up to the super-premium level (IE4), air-cooled or liquid-cooled variations.
Control Techniques Control Techniques Control Techniques
The English company Control Techniques (part of Nidec Corporation, formerly Emerson Industrial Automation) develops and releases to the world market some of the most popular electrical products in the field of industrial automation and drive technology.
Dusterloh Fluidtechnik Dusterloh Fluidtechnik Dusterloh Fluidtechnik
The German company Düsterloh Fluidtechnik GmbH has been developing and supplying the world market with hydraulic and pneumatic motors for a wide variety of applications for more than a century.
Electro Adda Electro Adda Electro Adda
The ability to go beyond the standards to produce motors with technical features specially designed "under the client" enables Haldex to take a leading position in engineering.
Emod Motoren Emod Motoren Emod Motoren
The German manufacturer EMOD MOTOREN produces a wide range of general industrial and specialized electric motors for various categories and applications using the most innovative and advanced technologies. The power of the produced electric motors ranges from 0.06 kW to 1700 kW.
Flygt Flygt Flygt
Flygt is the company that invented the electric submersible pump. Thanks to constant updates, modernization of the model range, the company remains the leader in the market of industrial hydraulics and pumping equipment.
Friedrich Friedrich Friedrich
The company Friedrich Schwingtechnik is one of the leading positions on the world market in manufacturing vibratory motors and fibergeneration.
Gefran Gefran Gefran
Founded in Italy, GEFRAN specializes in the production of modular power regulators, controllers, converters and pressure sensors. Over the years Gefran has been expanding its presence in both key European markets and other emerging markets
Himmel technologies Himmel technologies Himmel technologies
The large European industrial association HIMMEL technologies leads 8 companies that release to the world market first-class industrial proposals in the field of drive equipment, machine tools, automation and control technologies, wastewater disposal, technological design, and waste processing.
Knoedler Knoedler Knoedler
KNODLER – manufacturer of high-tech industrial drives and gearboxes, innovative approach, extensive range, from simple applications to complex integrated systems and individual project proposals.
Lenze Lenze Lenze
Lenze is one of the leading industrial manufacturers in Germany. Lenze employs almost 3,000 people worldwide. About 200 of them work in the Department of Research and Experience
Leroy Somer Leroy Somer Leroy Somer
Leroy Somer is always ready to offer its customers the latest developments in the field of high-performance and reliable drive systems.
Marelli Motori Marelli Motori Marelli Motori
Marelli Motori - electric motors and generators low, medium and high voltage for energy, marine, oil and gas and industrial sector. Innovative products that appreciate the company's customers worldwide.
Marzocchi Marzocchi Marzocchi
The Italian manufacturer Marzocchi Pompe SpA specializes in the design and supply of gear pumps and hydraulic motors with outstanding performance.
Mecc Alte Mecc Alte Mecc Alte
MECC ALTE is an Italian manufacturer of synchronous alternators world-class range which spans many areas of application. The company was founded in the middle of the last century and has fundamental experience in ...
Menzel Menzel Menzel
MENZEL Elektromotoren GmbH (Germany) – a major international company producing a wide range of electric motors for all types of industrial applications.
MIYAWAKI (Japan) develops and manufactures a wide range of industrial pipe fittings for organizing automatic condensate drainage
Morgan AM&T Morgan AM&T Morgan AM&T
Morgan AM&T is one of the world leaders in the development and production of materials based on carbon. The dedicated website of Morgan AM in Latvian. Products made of dielectric materials Morgan AM&T have proven themselves.
Nidec ASI Nidec ASI Nidec ASI
Creation of highly efficient control systems based on digital frequency converters Unidrive M, Unidirves SP and thyristor DC motors Mentor MP is a priority
Oemer Motori Oemer Motori Oemer Motori
Oemer Motori Elettrici European manufacturer that develops and supplies on a contract basis, electric motors and servo motors for a large international electrical companies. OEM - specialization enables the company to meet high demand from manufacturers of high-tech equipment, all electric individually developed for the task.
Pantrac Pantrac Pantrac
The Pantrac company, along with the companies Mersen, Schunk, Morgan AM&T, Сarbon Lorraine, is a world leader in the field of engineering, production of current transmission / current collection components for the brush-collector assembly of electric machines and generators (electric brushes, brush holders, traverses).
PIV Drives PIV Drives PIV Drives
PIV Drives perform their work flawlessly in various industries
Radio-Energie Radio-Energie Radio-Energie
Radio-Energie / Precilec / Zodiac Aerospace is one of the world's leading manufacturers of feedback sensors for monitoring the operation of electric machines.
Rossi Rossi Rossi
The Italian company Rossi is one of the leading European suppliers of gearboxes and geared motors for various industries, especially for the heavy industry market.
Speck Pumpen Speck Pumpen Speck Pumpen
The German company Speck Pumpen is an outstanding developer and supplier of high quality and versatile pumping technology for industrial and domestic use.
Sprint Electric Sprint Electric Sprint Electric
SPRINT ELECTRIC European manufacturer with a worldwide reputation in the field of manufacture and development of actuators, engines of a wide range of applications.
Stober Antriebstechnik Stober Antriebstechnik Stober Antriebstechnik
The German company STOBER Antriebstechnik GmbH has been developing and manufacturing a wide range of industrial electric motors and related products for the equipment of driven equipment. The combination of rich experience and active development of innovation activities give rise to unique products to implement successful technology solutions.
T-T Electric T-T Electric T-T Electric
In Latvian, our companies performed hundreds of projects using motors T-T Electric LAK series, DMP, LAKC, Mill Duty AMP, they are operated in rolling and drawing mills, paper machines, extruders, cutters the.
Vahle Vahle Vahle
The German electrical equipment manufacturer VAHLE has been developing and placing on the market for over a century a wide variety of power supply and control signaling devices.
VEM Motors VEM Motors VEM Motors
VEM is a major international supplier of electrical equipment
Ziehl-Abegg Ziehl-Abegg Ziehl-Abegg
The company's products are used in automotive, refrigeration, medical and deep sea technology, exhaust ventilation, refrigeration and air conditioning technology and industrial equipment.


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