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Tachogenerators and encoders Tachogenerators and encoders Tachogenerators and encoders
BAUMER HUEBNER tachogenerators and encoders are most often presented in two model series "TDP" and "GT". Both hollow and solid shafts are available. Their difference was the precise measuring equipment capable of taking certain indicators with mathematical accuracy. The robust and high-quality BAUMER HUEBNER equipment has proven its effectiveness and irreplaceability in practice. Simple installation design and the achievement of the production goal are guaranteed.

Currently, the production of feedback sensors is carried out in the following areas:

  • tachogenerators (DC generators, allowing you to control the speed and direction of rotation of the motor shaft or rotating component, due to the emerging output voltage whose value is proportional to rotation speed); incremental encoders (electronic devices that determine the speed of different mechanisms);
  • absolute encoders (electronic devices that allow you to control the position of the shaft, including when the power is turned off);
  • encoders with a sine output / resolvers (electronic sensors that allow you to control the speed of rotation and the position of the shaft by generating output sinusoidal signals);
  • explosion-proof encoders.


Baumer Hubner electronic feedback sensors are installed on electric motors, DC and AC electric machines manufactured by ABB, Siemens, Baumuller, Lenze, Cantoni, Ansaldo, AEG, VEM, WEG, Leroy Somer, SEW Eurodrive, Sicme Motori.

Most of the T-T Electric DC and AC motors supplied by our company are equipped with encoders and tachogenerators from this manufacturer.

The Baumer Huebner feedback sensors can be adapted to operate in a wide temperature range from - 50°C to +130°C, and have increased vibration and impact resistance.


You can buy Baumer Huebner electric drives, find out the price and more information about the products presented by contacting our specialists.



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