Vahle spring cable reels

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Vahle spring cable reels

Vahle has developed a wide range of spring driven reels for automatic winding of flexible power and control cables. They are actively used to organize the electrification of mobile equipment, in particular for various types of cranes: portal, gantry, ship, dock, hoists, grabs, carts and other lifting and transport devices.

The coil is driven by coil springs made of high quality spring steel, they are designed for an average of 120,000 operating cycles. The basic housing is protected against dust and moisture, higher requirements on request. To protect against corrosion, steel drums are galvanized or a primer and a top coat of epoxy resin varnish are applied to the surface.

In addition to general-purpose cable drums, specialized versions are always available for special conditions and requirements: hot climates, marine applications, aggressive environments, explosive areas. As well as varieties for winding flat cables, hoses (supply of water, air, gases), steel ropes and other types.

Attention! Spring reels are used to work with a specific type and length of cable. Our engineers will help you calculate the required parameters and select the right model for the required application.


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