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DC motors

The Italian manufacturer of industrial electric motors Comer Srl has been operating since the middle of the last century. Having started their work with the creation of standard asynchronous AC motors, they gradually accumulated experience and implemented new technological developments, created a wide range of high-quality DC motors. Their research and development work was focused on improving performance and obtaining the ideal ratio of power data and weight indicators. Compactness and high power have become the main priority in the development of new models of electric motors, both direct and alternating current.

Since the introduction of frequency control in the production environment, new technologies have been introduced, so there is a progressive line of asynchronous machines POWERTECH distinguished by outstanding performance indicators. This family was then supplemented with a series of high-performance synchronous motors with permanent magnets with an extremely high ratio of torque values and overall data. At the same time, the development and production of generators for wind turbine equipment began.

Throughout their history, they have rapidly gained trade momentum, first in the domestic and then in the foreign market, eventually achieving success thanks to their outstanding engineering solutions. They have established themselves as a reliable and modern partner, ready in the shortest possible time and with maximum efficiency to produce and deliver the required number of product units on favorable terms of cooperation with a wide range of services.

At this time, the range of Comer engines covers a variety of industrial applications and is represented by a wide variety of versions. These are models with open and closed body design, efficiency classes up to the super-premium level (IE4), air-or liquid-cooled variations, the most silent and compact models, as well as individual design solutions.

A wide range of models, a large selection of technical parameters and settings for various applications. The entire production cycle and all manufactured products comply with the quality standard of ISO9001: 2008, each product unit is tested on special test benches.

COMER electric motors are divided into the following groups according to the principle of operation:

High-performance asynchronous motors with a short-circuited rotor, the most extensive group with a large selection of models, power range from 0.19 to 1350 kW, the body is made of cast aluminum or, for large sizes, with copper plates. Equipped with air or liquid type of cooling.
High-performance synchronous motors with permanent rare-earth magnets, have outstanding torque and dynamics at a relatively small size, power range from 6.1 to 880 kW. High polarity for easy operation at low speeds. Various types of cooling are also available.
DC motors with overall height from 80 to 200 mm, power range from 1.1 to 180 kW.
For all engine groups, there are many optional features and individual settings.

The reliability and efficiency of this brand's products guarantee maximum performance even in the harshest and harshest industrial environments, according to the requirements of the selected application profile.

Personal design suggestions and an individual approach provide the optimal choice for the best integration and profitable operation of the drive.


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