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Coaxial geared motors

The Italian company Rossi is one of the leading European suppliers of gearboxes and geared motors for various industries, especially for the heavy and. The use of the most modern engineering developments, constant investment in research and development work puts this company on the list of leading developers and manufacturers in the field of drive technology for mechanical power transmission. Continuous improvement of products and exceptionally high quality of proposals have secured the title of a reliable and progressive manufacturer for this brand.

With sixty years of experience in this field of design, Rossi is able to develop finished products for specific applications of a wide variety of business profiles. Tuning modular units and expanding their basic configuration helps to achieve the highest performance for each specific drive, taking into account its operating conditions.

All mechanical transmission groups available have high performance ratings, reinforced bearings for maximum load resistance and versatile mounting options for advantageous positioning. The design of the gearboxes provides for the most efficient heat dissipation through the surfaces of the unit, depreciation of costs of mechanical factors, the most compact design and low maintenance requirements.

The Rossi product program includes the following categories of gearboxes and geared motors
coaxial gearboxes and geared motors of the E range with a torque range of up to 10,000 Nm, cylindrical gears in two- and three-stage configuration, a wide range of ratios for reduction of engine speed, a version with a standard STANDARDFIT output (catalog ES) is also available in small dimensions up to 900 Nm ;
multistage parallel and bevel gears of the G series for general industrial use with torque values up to 87,500 Nm and a huge range of possible gear ratios;
worm gearboxes and geared motors of the A-line with a torque range of up to 19,000 Nm, one- and two-stage configuration and the widest range of reduction ratios, a version with a standard STANDARDFIT output (catalog AS) is also available in small dimensions up to 670 Nm;
highly efficient EP planetary gearboxes with linear and angular shaft orientation, an extensive family of 24 sizes for use in various fields, including large-scale proposals for heavy and with torques up to 3,000,000 Nm;
compact single-stage bevel gears of the L model series, consisting of seven varieties with a small spread of gear ratios, a variety of variations for installation, practical design, installation of a double shaft;
Parallel gearboxes of the P range designed and adapted specifically for driving belt conveyors and applications with similar working requirements;
GX parallel shaft gearboxes for extruders, cylindrical gears, two versions of connection points for different load levels, standard and extended design with extended spacing;
EPS swing reducers with 3- and 4-stage planetary gears, a wide range of designs and performances to optimize equipment performance.

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