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The German company Speck Pumpen is an outstanding developer and supplier of high quality and versatile pumping technology for industrial and domestic use. A wide range of offerings from simple small installations to high-power production units for pumping large volumes of various media. Each of the levels is thought out to the smallest detail, taking into account all the operational features of the application. And also the company's engineers are always ready for individual study of projects to maximize customer satisfaction.

Speck Pumpen pumps are innovative solutions, exclusively high quality materials and components are used for their construction. Optimized configurations, outstanding performance, state-of-the-art sealing systems and more to ensure long-term, trouble-free equipment use.

The Speck Pumpen product range is represented by the following industrial pump families:
high performance Normblock centrifugal pumps with mechanical seal, classic design

single-stage Normblock series with a flow rate of up to 740 m3 / hour, the most compact and partial design, reliability and durability in operation
plastic version of Normblock Multi, use of corrosion-resistant and shock-resistant materials

horizontal centrifugal pumps

compact VGX series in one and two stage configuration, stainless steel, mechanical seal, for moderately aggressive media
MTX series, single stage configuration, stainless steel, mechanical seal, for moderately aggressive media, extended design for greater performance

vertical centrifugal pumps

multistage units of the IN-VB series, high pressure, reliable and high-performance, wide range of models

submersible turbine pumps

T / TM series in one- and two-stage configuration, up to 200 m3 / hour, use of bronze as body materials, vertical orientation, sealed and low maintenance

vortex pumps for pumping difficult media

self-priming SK series, universal design, up to 8 stages, delivery head over 300 m
version SK-MK with magnetic coupling for complete sealing in operation of the drive and pump, on a support plate
ASK and ASK-MK versions for operation in low liquid head conditions above the suction port

small turbine pumps for low volumetric flows with high supply pressures

a wide range of execution types, versions with mechanical seal, magnetic coupling and radial arrangement of nozzles are available, for more details about the series, see the website catalog

radial pumps for high volumetric flows with low supply pressure

compact series ME-303-1, two-stage MZ-35-2 / -40-2 and miniature series MY-3-MM with DC motors and pumps MY-2-6000-MK, MY-2-8000-MK for denser liquids

liquid ring vacuum pumps

various technological versions of execution: basic series V, with water limitation VI, series VG without valves, VN series for pumping gases with a high liquid content, two-stage VZ, high-performance series VH / VHC / VU for volumes of 1600 m3 / h, versions with built-in frequency converter BluLine and BluVac

plastic pumps

high-quality materials, corrosion resistance, reliable sealing of the drive unit, a huge selection of configurations and capacities, versions with built-in filters for preliminary water purification, magnetic couplings, for the treatment of aggressive media

rotary vane pumps

small units of the DS series for low flow rates, simple and reliable to use, versions with magnetic drive

ultra compact gear pumps

ZY-3-MM series with DC motor and multistage magnetic drive series ZY-1-MK, ZY-2-MK, ZY-31-MK with AC drive, simple and low maintenance

specialized pumps

ES series for operation as part of boiler equipment assemblies, multistage
AWP series for sewage systems, three types of impellers, ideal for pumping wastewater containing various impurities

To buy industrial pumps Speck Pumpen, find out the price and more information about the products, you can contact our specialists.


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