DC motors T-T Electric

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DC motors T-T Electric


Power, kW

Axis height, mm

Cooling method

Degree of protection

LAK 6000  (LAK 6315 / LAK 6400)

160 - 1120 / 140 - 1050

315, 400

IC06, IC17, IC37,  IC666, IC86W

IP23, IP54, IP55

LAK 4000 

3,0 - 500

112 - 280

IC06, IC17, IC37, IC410, IC416, IC666, IC86W

IP23, IP54, IP55

LAK 2000 

0,5 - 20

80 - 132

IC06, IC17,  IC01, IC37, IC410, IC416,

IP23, IP54, IP55


300 - 1350

355 - 560

IC06, IC17, IC37,  IC666, IC86W

IP23, IP54, IP55

Mill Duty 800

7,5 - 187

194 - 451

IC410,  IC416

IP54, IP55


до 250

112 - 180

IC01, IC06, IC17, IC37, IC410, IC416, IC666, IC86W

IP23, IP44, IP54, IP55

T-T Electric is one of the few European companies for which the production of DC motors remains a priority for development. For more than a century of history, T-T Electric has always been flexible to meet the needs of its customers, all electric motors are designed according to the specifications and operating conditions, most typical electric motors can be manufactured within 2-3 weeks.

T-T Electric DC motors work in metallurgy (rolling mills, roller tables, cranes, shears, electric drives of furnaces, twisting equipment, receivers), in the mining industry (chain and belt conveyors, mills, overhead equipment, excavators, mills, cranes), in pulp - paper industry (electric drives of paper machines, calenders, mills, presses), in the chemical industry (reactors, mixers, extruders).


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