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ABB AC drives ABB AC drives ABB AC drives
up to 2700 A, great functionality, ease of interaction, increased energy efficiency
ABB electric motors ABB electric motors ABB electric motors
up to 22500 kW, energy efficient (IE2/IE3/IE4), standard and custom
Soft starters ABB Soft starters ABB Soft starters ABB
up to 1200 kW, up to 2160 A, effective motor overload protection at startup
ABB circuit breakers, contactors, relays ABB circuit breakers, contactors, relays ABB circuit breakers, contactors, relays
complete solution for control and protection of electric motors
ABB DC drives ABB DC drives ABB DC drives
up to 5200 A, advanced technology and high reliability, modular design

ABB is a world leader in power and automation technology. Cooperation between our companies began in 2012 and is focused on the implementation of modern digital DC drives of the DCS800, DCS550 series and technical support for customers using these drives.

An integral part of our cooperation is a constant dialogue with the Latvian and European divisions of the company, the purpose of which is to obtain and accumulate comprehensive knowledge about the equipment.

A wide range, unlimited possibilities, competitive prices, high quality - these are ABB converters and electric drives.

“Baggage of knowledge”, affordable service, financial stability, warehouse of DCS800 series electric drives up to 1000A - this is the little that distinguishes us from other companies.

On the basis of the drive technology of the DCS series, we have jointly developed solutions for excitation systems for synchronous electric motors and for battery charging systems.

We actively use the electrical equipment of our partner in the process of repairing and modernizing electrical drives of technological equipment: electrical drives for printing machines, mixers, test stands, calenders, metalworking machines ...

The engineering staff pays special attention to the widespread implementation of digital industrial communication protocols, more than half of all our projects are implemented using the CanOpen or Profibus DP protocols.


  • high-tech digital electric drive DCS800 series (current up to 5400A, voltage up to 1000V);
  • general industrial digital electric drive DCS550 series (current up to 1000A, voltage up to 500V);
  • AC drives of general purpose of ACS310, ACS550, ACS580, ACS480 series (power up to 500 kW);
  • miniature AC drives of the ACS55, ACS150, ACS310, ACS550 series (power up to 22 kW);
  • AC drives for use in mechanical engineering of the ACS355, ACS850, ACS310, ACSM1-04 series (power up to 560 kW);
  • industrial AC drives ACS800, ACS880 (power 0.55 - 5600 kW);
  • highly specialized AC drives for industrial applications of the series CH550, ACH580, ACS320, ACQ810, ACQ580, ACL30, HES880 (power up to 500 kW).

List of ABB equipment for which service support is provided

  • general industrial DCS400 series converter (current up to 5400A, voltage up to 1000V);
  • discontinued automatic control devices of the DCS500, DCS600 series;
  • industrial ABB DC motors of the DMP, DMR series (power up to 200 kW, axle height up to 180 mm);
  • high-power DC electric motors of the DMG series (power up to 500 kW, axle height up to 180 mm);
  • DC electric machines of the DMA, DMI series (power up to 1200 kW, axle height up to 500 mm).


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