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Servomotors, electric motors Baumuller Servomotors, electric motors Baumuller Servomotors, electric motors Baumuller
a wide range of electric motors: servomotors, asynchronous, synchronous, high-torque, disk, hygienic, linear...
Servo drives, electric drives Baumuller Servo drives, electric drives Baumuller Servo drives, electric drives Baumuller
a wide range of servo drives, AC/DC drives for complete automation solutions

Baumuller (Baumueller, Baumuller (Baumüller), Baumuller) is one of the TOP-5 German manufacturers of complete automated electric drive systems. A distinctive feature of the company is that the company pays great attention to the development and release of a complete solution for a specific customer, which is usually an OEM-manufacturer of technological equipment. If you had to deal with the maintenance of technological equipment on which electric motors, converters, and Baumuller controllers are installed, then they always form a single system for monitoring and controlling an electric drive.

The German company Baumuller produces a wide range of products designed to create high-performance and intelligent automation systems for industrial operations. They have a rich history and experience in this area, their activities are aimed at global coverage of the market, the quality and practicality of execution tested in many industries serve their creators in the popularization of products.

All-round efficiency is a top priority in the development of electric drive equipment for Baumuller. Available to order, both standard solutions and complex debugged technological systems, all of them are easily adjusted to the needs of the consumer and allow to bring current indicators to a new level of performance. A wide selection of design and power options allows you to cover a wide variety of areas of application; in addition to universal proposals, lines of specialized drives are being developed and produced.

Currently, Baumuller's highest competence is concentrated in those industries where a multi-axis electric drive is an integral part of the technological process. On the basis of electric motors, electric drives and controllers, highly reliable ones are created for the textile industry (weaving, spinning equipment, printing, sizing, warping machines, conveyors), for packaging manufacturers and printing houses (printers, printing machines, molding, cardboard machines, laminators), for the rubber industry (rubber mixers, batchers, vacuum transport, conveyors, calenders, presses), for enterprises dealing with plastic compound processing (extruders, granulators, crushers, mixers, conveyors), for the food industry (cutters, drawing dies).

Baumueller production program covers the following areas:

  • DC motors;
  • AC and DC electric drives, servo drives and servo converters;
  • Synchronous and asynchronous electric motors, servo motors;
  • Disk and linear servomotors;
  • Specialized electric motors;
  • Visualization and control systems (controllers, control panels);
  • Industrial communication systems;
  • Design of control systems.

Baumuller electric actuator program includes the following modern offerings

AC frequency converters

  • the b maXX 1000 AC drive series with motor power range from 0.2 to 11 kW and sensorless vector control, suitable for general industrial use, extremely simple and efficient to operate.

modular servo drives

  • the b maXX 5000 series of multi-axis converters with modular architecture for operation with servo motors up to 136 kW, standard and regenerative power supplies, single and dual axis controllers for maximum flexibility in building the required configurations;
  • multi-axis inverters of the b maXX 5800 series for operation with servo motors up to 90 kW, six independent axes built into a monoblock design, very compact and practical to use.

high power servos

  • b maXX 5500 range with an extended upper power range (up to 315 kW), improved functionality to ensure the safety of the electric drive system;
  • the b maXX 4400 series with an extended upper power range (up to 315 kW), a modular feature board concept for maximum system flexibility and scalability.

compact series

  • servo drives b maXX 3300 with an upper power limit of 5 kW and high-quality positioning capabilities, excellent dynamics and accuracy;
  • the b maXX 2400 series of minicontrollers for servo applications up to 2 kW, simple and adaptable structure.

specialized series

  • ideal for use in extrusion or injection molding systems, the b maXX 4600/4700 and 5600/5700 servo drives series, fully optimized for the stresses of the application.

DC drives

  • thyristor electric drives of the BKD / BKF 7000 series with one- or four-quadrant control mode, a wide range of performance characteristics, types of commutation boards and rich functionality.

You can buy Baumuller electric drives, find out the price and more information about the presented products by contacting our specialists.


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