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up to 1360 kW, high performance, wide setting range, smooth running

Cear Motors (Italy) is one of the leading European manufacturers of electromechanical machines with DC technology. The electric motors and generators developed by them have proven themselves due to excellent performance and dynamic performance, the reliability and compactness of their design makes them a popular application for implementing production processes in many industries. Almost half a century of experience of the company in this field and a rich technological heritage allows us to create modern and relevant technical proposals for any other tasks.

The electrical equipment of this brand is widely used around the world in the production of plastic and rubber, in the metalworking industry (rolling, cutting, drawing, etc.), the paper industry, printing, glass tempering, in packaging plants and other applications. All products are made in accordance with international requirements and recommendations, and undergo test tests to maintain the highest quality standards.

The main line of models of electric motors and DC generators in a square case of the MGL series has power indicators in a wide range from 1 to 2300 kW, a wide selection of performance characteristics from small-sized drive devices to high-power equipment for large design installations. Various design and installation performance for quick and optimal adaptation to the technical production process.

In addition to standard general industrial areas, the company produces highly specialized developments for performing traction functions, marine applications (surface and underwater vessels), for launching airborne equipment and other specific applications.

Cear Motors S.p.a. - Italian manufacturer of generators and DC motors, focused on the domestic market of the country OEM - manufacturers of industrial and technological equipment. The production program of the company covers a range of electric machine capacities up to 2000 kW, electrical equipment is manufactured in accordance with EN 60034-1.

Cear is a fully independent manufacturing enterprise with its own research, development, manufacturing and testing division.

The technical knowledge accumulated over 50 years allows the manufacturer to create unique solutions in the field of electric drive. This manufacturer is especially strong in the design and manufacture of specialized electric drives - these are traction motors and generators for marine surface transport, electric motors for backup systems in power plants.

Cear is one of the few companies that now produces electric motors with EExp protection class for use in category rooms with explosive hazardous environments.

Range of Cear Motori DC Motors
DC motors MGL series (up to 75 kW, up to 5000 rpm, axis height: 80 - 160 mm);
Compensation winding motors MGL C 160..180 series (up to 160 kW, up to 4500 rpm, axis height: 160 - 180 mm);
Motors with compensation winding MGL C 200..250 series (up to 420 kW, up to 3000 Nm, axis height: 200 - 250 mm);
Compensation winding motors MGL C 280..400 series (up to 1050 kW, up to 12.5 kNm, axis height: 280 - 400 mm).
Traction motors MGL C 500..710 series (up to 2000 kW, up to 32 kNm, axis height: 500 - 710 mm).

In addition to specialized applications based on Gear DC electric machines, general industrial solutions are also being created for the metallurgical, chemical, pulp and paper, textile, woodworking and engineering industries.

Today, our technical department, together with Cear, is ready to offer you to individually develop an electric motor according to your technical requirements. For more information, please contact our engineers by phone. Latvian.


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