Soft-start devices Control Techniques

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Soft-start devices Control Techniques


Output current, A

Motor power, kW

Supply voltage, V


of protection

Digistart D3

23 - 1600

7,5 - 800

200 - 690

IP20, IP00

Digistart D2

18 - 200

7,5 - 100

200 - 575

IP20, IP00

The Digistart D3 series soft starters are high-tech acceleration and deceleration controls. Great intelligence, optimal settings for every application. And at the same time they are very easy to use, economical and very compact. An excellent solution for a wide range of applications, in addition to general parameters and controls, profile algorithms are also built in to work with fans, compressors, pumps, etc.

Soft starters of the Digistart D2 series are distinguished by their ease of operation and concise design. For rational use of energy resources and reduction in size, there is an internal shunt (bypass). To protect the electric motors, built-in means for monitoring failures, overload, phase loss, voltage drop and temperature indicators (PTC sensors).


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