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Gefran DC Drives Gefran DC Drives Gefran DC Drives
up to 3300 A, motor control up to 5 MW, wide range of built-in functions
Frequency converters Gefran Frequency converters Gefran Frequency converters Gefran
up to 2050 A, control of asynchronous and synchronous motors up to 1200 kW, modular design

The Italian manufacturer of equipment for industrial automation systems Gefran has a half-century history, a strong research base for the development and production of the most high-tech engineering solutions. The main directions in which the company works are the production of drive technology, sensors for reading various process parameters and devices for building complex automation, control systems and related software.

In the field of power electronics, Gefran manufactures the broadest range of versatile frequency converters for general industrial and specialized use in specialized areas.

Electric drives, frequency converters from Gefran are represented by the following product groups

  • DC drives TPD32, TPD32 EV with a current range of 20 - 3300 A, high functionality, two-square or four-quadrant system;
  • miniature inverters of the ADV20, ADV50, ADV80 series for AC motors up to 3.7, 11 and 22 kW, respectively;
  • universal drives of the ADV100 series with three possible control modes and power up to 90 kW;
  • a wide range of converters of the ADV200 series for motors with a power range of up to 1200 kW and with many variations of execution according to the requirements of various fields of application, in particular universal for general use, specialized series for crane equipment, climate control systems, water cooling circuits and other modifications, as well as cabinet version of the ADV200 System electric drive;
  • inverters with built-in recuperation module AFE200 series for maximum energy efficiency;
  • the AGy-EV series is specially designed for applications up to 200 kW requiring high torque at low operating speeds or at startup;
  • multifunctional AVy inverters for precise and efficient control of motors up to 630 kW, broad possibilities for a wide range of applications;
  • line of compact vector converters QX3 for motors up to 5.5 kW, functionality and ease of use;
  • high-tech inverters of the BDI50 series for asynchronous motors (up to 11 kW), scalar and vector sensorless control;
  • universal converters of the new generation VDI100 with 6 types of control and a variety of tools for setting and monitoring operating parameters, covers a power range up to 160 kW;
  • a huge selection of inverters for elevator equipment of various levels, from small installations to elevator cabins of high-rise buildings (up to 64 floors), these are AVy LIFT, QUIX L, AGyL, AVRy, AVMs, ADL300 and AVy / AGy SISL series;
  • frequency converters for plastic and ADP200 series, used as part of hybrid injection molding systems for optimal efficiency of this equipment;
  • servo drives of the ARTDriveS XVy-EV and AXV300 series for precise control of production processes and maximum productivity, extensive programming and adjustment options for the drive.

You can buy frequency converters, electric drives from Gefran, find out the price and more information about the product by contacting our specialists.


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