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Himmel electric motors, spindle motors Himmel electric motors, spindle motors Himmel electric motors, spindle motors
power up to 132 kW, speed up to 18000 rpm, for machining various materials
Himmel gearboxes, gearmotors Himmel gearboxes, gearmotors Himmel gearboxes, gearmotors
gear ratios 1.7 - 14126, torque up to 28,000 Nm, various versions, heavy-duty construction

The large European industrial association HIMMEL technologies leads 8 companies that release first-class industrial proposals on the world market in the field of drive equipment, machine tools, automation and control technologies, wastewater disposal, technological design, and waste processing. They are always ready for individual development according to customer specifications, their innovative approach and professional experience allow them to bring their ideas to life.

The company was founded in the post-war years (1947) and began its journey with a repair shop for electric motors and gearboxes, in 1967 the first factory building was acquired and, gradually increasing production forces, it turned into a powerful production association with high potential, remaining true to long-standing traditions. family business:

  • stability and reliability as the key to sustainable success
  • creation and application of know-how technologies
  • constant development and growth in all directions
  • maximum flexibility in relation to clients

For us, one of the priority areas of the Himmel company is the drive technology sector, namely electric motors for industrial use for working with various tools and machine tools (milling, sawing, drilling and other types of mechanical processing).

We supply a large assortment of variations of Himmel's flat three-phase asynchronous motors with various shaft endings:

  • motors with clamping flanges for working with circular saws with quick change capabilities and positioning variations (in combination with bevel gears);
  • with collet chucks for fixing a tool or cylindrical part;
  • motor spindles with HSK tool holders;
  • with hydraulic clamping systems;
  • with a shaft adapted to hydraulic systems;
  • with standard shaft (keyed connection).

We also offer you modern and extremely reliable drum motors for equipping conveyor systems.

Himmel offers a wide range of additional accessories and modifications to all its products at the discretion of the customer, as well as personal developments.

The range of gearboxes presented in the section is used for low-speed machines and covers a variety of industries, both separate gear units with various design adjustments to adapt to the engine are available to order, as well as ready-made motorized versions with a flexible design for easy integration into drive systems.

The materials used are high-quality grades of cast iron, which has low vibration characteristics. Housings have compact designs, transmission elements go through additional stages of mechanical and heat treatment for the most smooth, quiet and durable drive operation. Lubricants are sealed with special seals to prevent leakage or contamination by suspended solids, which is a critical requirement in many applications.

The production program of the HIMMEL company according to this thematic section:

  • spur gearboxes and geared motors with power up to 160 kW, a wide range of design variations and operating parameters;
  • compact helical gearboxes and parallel shaft geared motors with power up to 160 kW, high torque ratings, significant space savings compared to equivalent coaxial models, a wide range of sizes and mounting options;
  • angular bevel-helical gearboxes and geared motors with a power of up to 160 kW, as well as a wide range of dimensions and combinations of integration elements;
  • angular worm and helical-worm gearboxes and geared motors with a power of up to 22 kW, high gear ratios and work efficiency, a wide range of models of various designs;
  • specialized developments for specialized applications, in particular, a gearbox for stirrer drives, ventilation and air conditioning systems, monorail overhead conveyors, variators with various types of continuously variable transmissions (belt, friction, chain).

You can buy electric motors and reducers or geared motors from the manufacturer HIMMEL, specify additional information or find out the price of goods by contacting our specialists.


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