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Lenze electric motors Lenze electric motors Lenze electric motors
DC and AC motors, power up to 90 kW, energy efficiency IE1, IE2, IE3
Frequency converters, servo drives Lenze Frequency converters, servo drives Lenze Frequency converters, servo drives Lenze
output current up to 600 A, motor power up to 315 kW, cover the widest range of applications
Lenze gearmotors Lenze gearmotors Lenze gearmotors
planetary, helical, bevel, parallel shaft, helical-bevel and helical-worm
Lenze servomotors Lenze servomotors Lenze servomotors
Servompower up to 95 kW, max. speed up to 8000 rpm, high level of precision and dynamismotors

Lenze (Germany) - is one of the world's leading companies in the development and supply of drive technology, a huge production force, global distribution and a developed customer support system. This manufacturer is armed with the most innovative technologies, constant research and development work ensures the proper level of optimization and improvement of the engineering solutions used.

The range is represented by a wide selection of converters, motors, gearboxes, inverters, servo drives and other devices and accessories for use in the industrial sector.

The line of electric motors of the German company Lenze is characterized by a huge choice of modifications to meet a wide variety of requirements, excellent dynamics, compact dimensions, stability and reliability are guaranteed. The main directions of this production branch:

Servo motors for applications with the required high level of precision and dynamic performance:

  • high-precision synchronous servomotors of the MCS series with a power range of 0.25 - 15.8 kW, a torque of 0.5 - 190 Nm;
  • compact synchronous servo motors MCM and m850 series for medium dynamic applications, torque 0.6 - 26.4 Nm and 4.8 - 26.4 Nm respectively, ideally match with i700, 9400 and 8400 TopLine inverters;
  • MDxKS series synchronous servomotors with a high level of accuracy, for efficient operation with low moments of inertia, power range 1.1 - 5.9 kW, torque 2.8 - 52 Nm;
  • MQA series asynchronous servomotors with built-in self-blowing fan, perfectly cope with high loads, power range 10.6 - 60.2 kW, torque 66 - 1100 Nm;
  • compact asynchronous servomotors of the MCA series with a power range of 0.8 - 53.8 kW and a torque of 2 - 1100 Nm;
  • asynchronous servomotors of the SDSGA series and synchronous SDSGS series with a special housing design for compliance with the necessary hygiene rules in the workplace, power, torque range 0.075 - 0.6 kW (0.27 - 1.9 Nm) and 0.14 - 0.7 kW (0.45 - 2.2 Nm) respectively.

AC induction motors with inverter control:

  • compact and efficient (IE2 class) MF series with power range 0.55 - 22 kW, torque 1.53 - 59.2 Nm;
  • efficient (IE3 class) m550-P series for continuous and intermittent operation, power range 0.75 - 45 kW, torque 4.9 - 290 Nm;
  • efficient (IE2 class) MH series for continuous and intermittent operation, power range 0.75 - 45 kW, torque 5.08 - 290 Nm;
  • efficient (class IE1) MD series for continuous and intermittent operation, power range 0.12 - 22 kW, torque 0.8 - 144 Nm.

AC induction motors for mains operation:

  • versatile Lenze Smart Motors for speed freedom, soft start and outstanding resource efficiency;
  • efficient (IE3 class) m240-P series for continuous operation, power range 0.75 - 45 kW, torque 5 - 290 Nm;
  • basic series MD/MH (class IE1/IE2) for use in applications such as fans, braking systems, power 0.06 - 45 kW, torque 0.43 - 290 Nm;
  • efficient (IE2 class) MH series for continuous and intermittent operation, power range 0.75 - 45 kW, torque 5.08 - 290 Nm;
  • efficient (class IE1) MD series for continuous and intermittent operation, power range 0.12 - 22 kW, torque 0.8 - 144 Nm.

DC motors:

  • round series MGFRK with compensating winding, power 0.33 - 27 kW;
  • rectangular series MGFQ with versions with compensating winding (MGFQK) and without (MGFQU), power 0.33 - 90.8 kW;
  • universal electric motors with excitation from permanent magnets of the 13.120 series with a high power level of 55 - 600 kW.

Lenze frequency converters are represented by all sorts of design variations, the line covers the widest range of applications from general industrial basic tasks to high-precision positioning of servo-drive equipment. But, like all products of this brand, they are characterized by exceptionally high quality workmanship and reliability in operation. The flexibility of the architecture makes it easy to adapt the inverters to any process requirement.

The range of Lenze AC converters is represented by the following areas:

decentralized series for installation directly in the engine operating area

  • series 8400 protec with electrical design 0.75 - 7.5 kW / 2.4 - 16.0 A wall mount
  • 8400 motec series (predecessor of 8400 motec) 0.37 - 7.5 kW / 1.3 - 16.5 A for direct mounting on motors or for wall mounting
  • SMVector NEMA 4X series (1 and 3 phase, 200 - 600V) 0.37 - 22kW, 1.1 - 54A weatherproof wall mount units

series for control cabinet installation

  • drives for servo applications 9400 HighLine and i700, single-axis and multi-axis operation up to 240 kW, high precision and dynamics
  • inverter drives of the 8400 family in four different versions TopLine (predecessor 9300 vector), StateLine, BaseLine and HighLine (predecessor 8200 vector) with a total power range of 0.25 to 45 kW for controlled and dynamic operations
  • ultra compact i500 series drives up to 75kW, single and three phase models, easy to set up and expandable
  • SMVector NEMA 1 IP31 multifunction drive, single and three-phase models, power from 0.25 to 45 kW

Range of axial and right angle gearmotors and variator motors from Lenze

  • universal gearmotors for general industrial use with a range of available powers from 0.06 to 45 kW (torque up to 20,000 Nm) are represented by the following series: planetary g700-P, cylindrical GST, flat GFL, bevel GKR and G500-B, combined helical-bevel GKS and cylindrical worm GSS. Dust- and splash-proof motors, various design variations and a wide range of accessories.
  • explosion-proof line of ATEX series for conditions of increased risk of ignition from the presence in the air of the working area of potentially hazardous gases, mixtures of gases and dust with a degree of protection from a moderate level to a very high level, technical parameters and design are identical to the above-mentioned series of general industrial gearmotors
  • Servo gearmotors of the MCS (synchronous, up to 10 kW) and MCA (asynchronous, up to 20.3 kW) series, precise speed adjustment over a wide range, high degree of protection against mechanical and electrical loads and external environmental factors.
  • version with built-in frequency converter 8200MOTEC with a power range up to 7.5 kW, single-phase and three-phase, extensive control options, programming, dust- and splash-proof housing
  • disk variators of the Disco series with a range of models of 8 standard sizes, smooth adjustment of the rotation speed, power range from 0.25 to 7.5 kW, ratio of the number of revolutions within 6: 1.

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