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Industrial Gearboxes PIV Drives Industrial Gearboxes PIV Drives Industrial Gearboxes PIV Drives
helical, bevel-helical and planetary gearboxes, for heavy duty applications
Gearboxes for extruders PIV Drives Gearboxes for extruders PIV Drives Gearboxes for extruders PIV Drives
for single screw and twin screw extruders, high performance and durability
Variators PIV Drives Variators PIV Drives Variators PIV Drives
chain and ball disc drive, stepless gear ratio adjustment, high efficiency

Experience of innovation - this is how you can describe the activities of PIV Drives companies. For eighty years, the German manufacturer PIV Drives has been manufacturing gearboxes and mechanical transmissions that have proven themselves all over the world. By teaming up with the Italian manufacturer of planetary gearboxes Brevini in 2002, the two companies gained access to new markets and the opportunity to actively develop innovative products.

PIV Drives perform their work flawlessly in various industries. The use of high-strength materials, properly selected lubricants, and the use of innovative technologies allows PIV Drives to create design solutions of the highest degree of reliability.

Today we are ready to offer our partners highly reliable solutions based on the following PIV Drives equipment:

  • Positorque high-torque planetary gearboxes, S-series (rated torque: 250 000 – 1 000 000 Nm);
  • Combined (planetary-cylindrical) Posiplan gearboxes (rated torque: 2500-67,000 Nm);
  • Conical-cylindrical and planetary gearboxes industrial series (rated torque: 18,000 Nm);
  • Bevel gearboxes with multiple output axes Posired TS (rated torque: 1 000 – 110 000 Nm);
  • Cylindrical gearboxes Posired N, Posired 2 (rated torque: 800-800 000 Nm); ;
  • Posired D bevel gear motors (rated torque: 3,000-25,000 Nm);
  • Bevel gearboxes with perpendicular gear axis Posicross LN (rated torque: 30-8,500 Nm);
  • Calculation and production of specialized gearboxes according to the parameters.

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