Asynchronous and synchronous motors Stober Antriebstechnik

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Asynchronous and synchronous motors Stober Antriebstechnik


Power, kW

Torque, Nm

Cooling method

Degree of protection


0,74 - 8,1

2,36 - 25,7

IC 410

IP56 (IP66 on request)


0,12 - 0,55

0,62 - 3,8

IC 411 (IC 416 on request)



0,75 - 45

2,5 - 290

IC 411 (IC 416 on request)


The LM series from Stober Antriebstechnik are powerful, reliable and compact motors that combine the advantages of asynchronous and synchronous machines. Exceptionally high performance and dynamics, their efficiency reaches 96%, and energy efficiency is equated to the IE5 (ultra premium) class. They do not have feedback sensors, but at the same time they show only minor speed deviations (less than 1%), positioning accuracy ± 1 °. No electronics, a great alternative to servo motors for automation tasks under mechanical stress.

Asynchronous motors series D, IE3D (class IE3) are presented in a range of 2- and 4-pole sizes up to 45 kW, IEC standard. The practical modular design allows easy integration of additional functional blocks: gearboxes (MGS version), electromagnetic spring brake, forced ventilation, feedback sensors (absolute and incremental). High class of protection against dust and moisture, ribbed surface for heat removal by self-ventilation from the mounted impeller on the shaft.


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