MIYAWAKI (Japan) develops and manufactures a wide range of industrial pipe fittings for organizing automatic condensate drainage, as well as pressure relief valves, mixing steam-water valves and other auxiliary devices. The products of this brand meet the highest quality standards, have outstanding performance and energy efficiency. Rich experience and modern technologies allow them to optimize technological processes to the maximum.

The history of MIYAWAKI dates back to the thirties of the last century with the creation of a unique two-way valve steam trap. Today it is a successful developing company with a wide network of representative offices in Europe, Asia and America. Particular attention is paid to research activities; during the period of the brand's existence, more than two hundred patents have been obtained. Due to the constant improvement of the product line and the introduction of innovative solutions, the company maintains the status of an extremely reliable and high-tech partner of the industrial market.

MIYAWAKI steam traps, valves and other elements of piping systems

steam traps

• thermostatic steam traps using the temperature difference between steam and condensate, three types of configuration: with temperature control of the TB series, pressure balanced series D and for equipping radiators of the W series

• thermodynamic steam traps of the S series, the principle of operation is based on the ratio of the speed and pressure of steam and condensate, driving the disc inside the device, the SV version has an integrated bypass

• inverted bowl steam traps operated by the density difference between steam and water: ES series in cast iron for light condensate loads, ESU in stainless steel for light to medium loads, ER in cast iron for medium to high loads and ESH, ER25 in cast high pressure steels

• ball float steam traps using the density difference between steam and water, continuous drainage of condensate, execution configurations: G series in cast iron, GH in cast steel and GC in stainless steel

condensate traps

• mechanical traps for condensate for conditions where the steam pressure is not enough to drain condensate: compact model GL11 from cast iron with a capacity of up to 1 t / h, GL81 from cast iron with a capacity of up to 9 t / h, GLP81 from steel with a capacity of up to 8 t / h

• air traps for continuous drainage of condensate, various materials are available (cast iron, ductile iron, cast steel, stainless steel), a wide variety of configurations, pressure equalization lines are optionally available

pressure relief valves

• direct operated steam pressure relief valves RE1, RE20, REH20, REC20, REC1, RE2, pilot operated versions RE3, RE10N, with pressure measuring line RE20L, REH20L, REC20L

• valves for relief of pressure of air, gases, liquids of direct action REA20, REAH20 and REAC20, versions with pressure measuring line REA20L, REAH20L and REAC20L

steam-water mixing valves

• mixing steam-water valves MX1N for mixing steam and cold water in a 1: 1 ratio and temperature control by means of a thermostat, fast and economical generation of hot water for cleaning surfaces, tanks, washing filters

steam trap control systems

• DR. TRAP JR. PM15 - ultrasonic vibration and temperature monitoring, battery life up to 40 hours, saturated vapor pressure monitoring, stopwatch, power off after 5 minutes of inactivity, portable design, SurveyPro Light PM150 software

• DR. TRAP PM500 - simultaneous vibration and temperature measurement using the PM520 controller, data processing using the Trap Survey App PM510 software installed on a tablet and SurveyPro 4.0 on a PC, outstanding performance indicators, easy control, operation at temperatures up to +400 ° C

additional components and accessories

• separators, filters, check valves, air valves, purge valves, sight glasses, vacuum breakers, water guns, etc.

The unique SCCV system (patented by the company) for steam traps avoids premature valve and seat wear, reduces stress on internal parts, eliminates steam losses for temperature controlled devices, which in general provides a much longer service life compared to analogues.

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