Oemer Motori

Oemer Motori
Oemer Motori Elettrici is a European manufacturer that designs and supplies on a contractual basis electric motors and servomotors for large international electrical concerns. OEM - specialization allows the company to ensure high demand from the manufacturers of high-tech equipment, all electric machines are individually developed according to the tasks.

This success is due to the fact that Oemer Motori is one of the first companies - manufacturers of drive technology, which completely refused further investments in the production of DC machines, and devoted all its resources to the development of electric motors for frequency regulation and servomotors. In the early 90s, the manufacturer patented and introduced its universal SINCROVERT solution, a highly efficient servo drive, to the market.

Currently, Oemer servo applications cover industries such as power generation, engineering, food processing, lightweight textile, packing, glass, woodworking, plywood, paper, metallurgy, cable, metalworking, chemical, medical industries.

Oemer Electric and Servo Motor Production Program
Induction motors HQL - HQLa series (operating power: 0.55..1100 kW);
Low inertia asynchronous electric motors HQLa-Li series (Working moment: 550 ... 2.870 Nm);
QLS series permanent mnet synchronous servomotors (Torque: 46 ... 503 Nm);
Water-cooled asynchronous motor LQ series (Power: 3.2 ... 509 kW);
LTS-series water-cooled synchronous motors up to 14,000 Nm;
Asynchronous servomotors for frequency regulation series QcaVs - Vp (Torque: 1 ... 17 Nm);
Electric motors for frequency regulation of the QCA series (Rated power: 0.12 ... 9.5 kW);
High-performance asynchronous motors Oemer Motori HQCA series (Rated power: 1.1 ... 46 kW);
High-performance (IE4) permanent mnet synchronous motors QS series (rated power: 1.7 ... 550 kW);
Induction motors of standardized design of low power of the MTS series - MTS3 (Rated power: 0.11 ... 15 kW);
MTES Series Standard Design Induction Motors - MTES3 (Power Rating: 5.5 ... 630 kW).
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