Sprint Electric

Sprint Electric

SPRINT ELECTRIC is a European manufacturer with a worldwide reputation in the manufacture and development of drives for engines for a wide range of applications. With more than 25 years of experience in the production of electrical equipment of this type, the company produces a huge range of proposals for various requirements and industries, improving and supplementing the model range with new engineering solutions.

AC and DC drives from Sprint Electric are used in a wide variety of industrial processes, especially in metallurgy, plastics, food and paper, as well as various commercial applications, in the field of entertainment and leisure.

Advantages of Sprint Electric current converters:

  • a wide choice for any requirement, from the most powerful digital installations to simple analog solutions;
  • speed and efficiency at all levels of offers;
  • the latest technological developments and the modern level of performance;
  • great switching capabilities;
  • setting speed parameters by armature voltage and data from equipped sensors;
  • saving resources due to its recuperation during braking;
  • protection and safety of operation due to well-thought-out warning systems and prevention of dangerous values of operating parameters;
  • certified according to UL, cUL and CE.

The main categories of manufactured electric drives from Sprint Electric:

  • powerful and multifunctional digital 3-phase DC drives for high requirements, a huge selection of current ratings from 5 to 2250 A, 2- and 4-quadrant control, detailed information on the capabilities of these drives in sections PL / PLX and QL / QLX;
  • compact analog DC drives with three-phase mains supply voltage for rated currents up to 330 A, detailed information about the capabilities of these converters in the section SLE and SL / SLX;
  • single-phase analog DC drives, single and 4-quadrant control, extensive range of models with closed and open design, isolated and non-isolated electronics, models 370, 340I / 340XRI, 680I / 680XRI, 1220I / 1220XRI, 3600XRI, 340 / 680 / 1220, 400/400I, 800/1200, 1600I, 3200I;
  • powerful and multifunctional digital AC drives for operation with asynchronous motors, a huge selection of current ratings from 5 to 2250 A, 2- and 4-quadrant control, detailed information on the capabilities of these converters in the JL / JLX section;
  • ultra compact analog servos 400XLV 800XLV 1200XLV;
  • 200XLV DC linear drives;
  • additional modules and accessories.

You can buy electric drives, Sprint Electric converters, find out the price and more information about the products by contacting our specialists.


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