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Leroy Somer electric motors Leroy Somer electric motors
frequency-controlled, general industrial, explosion-proof, high-temperature, for elevators, specialized electric drives
Leroy Somer generators Leroy Somer generators
for diesel and gas engines, synchronous alternating current hydro generators, generators for steam and gas turbines, wind turbines
Electric Drives Electric Drives
powerful line of frequency converters and DC drives, flexible configuration and reliability of application
Leroy Somer gear motors Leroy Somer gear motors
cylindrical, bevel, worm and parallel shaft, explosion-proof, precision versions

Historically, Leroy Somer was one of the first European partners whose electrical equipment we began to import independently for our projects for the repair and modernization of industrial equipment. Over the past ten years, we have been actively using the company's equipment in all industries.
Leroy Somer is always ready to offer its customers the latest developments in the field of creating highly efficient and reliable drive systems in various applications with a universal configuration or taking into account the features and performance requirements of specific applications. In all cases, they provide the highest possible level of performance and optimally low power consumption. Among the rich range of their products, you can always choose the appropriate option for a specific case of production use.

Leroy Somer electric motors are represented by a wide range of technological parameters, performance characteristics and unique offers for operation in conditions of aggressive influence of external environmental factors.

This section contains a series of motors optimized for operation as part of a variable frequency drive. Such control systems allow the most efficient and economical use of energy consumed, bring automation to a new level and ensure the reliability of the drive and the slave equipment. The range is represented by various levels of operating parameters for optimal selection of equipment, energy efficiency corresponds to the classes IE1 (standard) or IE2 (high). The family of direct-drive electric motors for elevators includes four main design variations and covers dynamic loads for cabins from 1000 to 5000 kg, and the maximum load on the shaft can reach the limits of 22 tons. Without exception, all series have excellent performance data in terms of comfort and safety of movement, high efficiency is perfectly combined with smooth and quiet running. The models are equipped with high-resolution absolute encoders and thermistors for protection against overheating.


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