Electro Adda

Electro Adda

Electro Adda company is enged in the production and sale of electric motors for installation on industrial equipment. The main activity is the creation of asynchronous three-phase electric motors, gearboxes and brush motors.

Electro Adda Electric Motor Production Program:
- Asynchronous electric motors with a phase rotor CR / FCR - series (power: 0.75-560 kW, size: 100-560);
- Crane asynchronous electric motors with brake C FE / FC FE - series (power: 0.18-75 kW, size: 71-280);
- C / EG / T squirrel-ce induction motors - series (power: 0.63-1200kW, size: 63-500);
- Asynchronous electric motors for rolling table drives MR-series (power: 0.8-230kW, size: 132-400);
- High-torque electric motors for frequency regulation Q-series (power: 260-2000 kW, size: 280-560);
- Water-cooled induction motors W-series IC7A1W7 (power: 11-1800 kW, size: 160-500, degree of protection: IP55-IP56).
Electro Adda Product Specifications

High productivity at a relatively low cost of production - this is the main distinguishing characteristic of the company's products. High build quality, equally high technical data, durability and reliability of systems have made them especially popular among a wide range of users.

Induction motors Electro Adda have the following technical parameters:

    rated power from 0.63 to 1200 kW;
    overall dimensions from 63 to 500 mm;
    degree of protection IP-55, IP-56;
    cooling methods IC-411, IC-416, IC-418;
    class N. isolation


The temperature regime is determined when ordering the product, as well as its additional options, which may include:

    feedback sensors;
    forced ventilation;
    dynamic / static brakes;
    special shaft;
    condensation heater;
    vibration sensor;
    mounting platforms and more.


The engine housing is made of lightweight aluminum alloy. All devices have low power consumption, long life and high reliability including.
Products from the company: high quality, compliance with international standards

Electro Adda offers its products to a wide range of customers. Compliance with international quality and safety standards is confirmed by certificates. Today, the company produces asynchronous motors that meet the energy efficiency class IE-1 and I-2. Starting next January, the company will manufacture an updated line of energy-efficient engines IE-3.
Scope of application

All products of the company are made to ensure the operation of large gregates and mechanisms of metallurgical enterprises. These are highly reliable devices that bring into operation:

    metal rolling equipment;
    cranes, elevators;
    units operating at high temperatures.

With the help of asynchronous electric motors Electro Adda, it is possible to solve the most diverse problems of the production, technical and industrial sectors.

From its founding in 1948 to the present, Electro Adda (Adda Antriebstechnik) has distinguished itself by striving to fully meet the expectations of its customers, continuous investments in R&D and technological equipment, multi-level quality control of electric motors manufactured, and continuity between generations of employees within the company. At present, Electro Adda (Adda Antriebstechnik) is a firm leader in the industry among manufacturers of induction motors. The use of electric motors Electro Adda is the choice of world designers of enterprises, manufacturers of equipment for the metallurgical, mining, cement, woodworking, pulp and paper industries.
Each manufactured Electro Adda electric motor in its design takes into account the unique experience of more than 30,000 completed projects in various industries.
The structure of Electro Adda combines three production units / factories with a full production cycle, located in Italy and Germany, and its own research institute.
After a five-year period of cooperation with Electro Adda, we can describe our partner as follows: “The ability to go beyond the standards, produce electric motors with technical and applied characteristics developed specifically for the Client, the highest quality criteria for evaluating the quality of the equipment manufactured is the key to fulfilling the task set by the client. ”

You can buy Electro Adda electric motors, find out the price and more information about the product by contacting our specialists.


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