Emod Motoren

Emod Motoren

The German manufacturer and supplier of electrical products EMOD MOTOREN began its activity in 1953. With a wealth of experience in the field of design and engineering in the production of general industrial and specialized electric motors and drives, today it produces a wide range of products in various categories and applications using innovative and advanced technologies. EMOD MOTOREN head offices are located in Fulda and Bad Salzschlirf, Germany.

The production base is equipped with modern equipment and machines. Logistics, high qualification of engineers and technical specialists of EMOD MOTOREN, contribute to the promotion of brand products around the world. The power of the produced electric motors ranges from 0.06 kW to 1700 kW. The company has warehouses with high racks and an approximate capacity of more than 6,000 pallets or several thousand tons of finished products. With well-established logistics and distribution networks, the company offers its customers a wide range of high reliability products, as all components and mechanical components, as well as newly assembled electric motors, are carefully tested by the Quality Control Department to eliminate even the smallest technical inconsistencies. Therefore, the above allows the company to guarantee its customers and customers the uninterrupted release of ordered products.

The stable position in the world market and at the same time the stable development of EMOD MOTOREN, due to a professional approach to work at all levels, combined with high performance, allow us to provide reliable service to our customers and customers in such important matters as: production, distribution and delivery of products to the end user in the shortest possible time.

The main areas of application of EMOD MOTOREN products:

  • electric motors for handling, crane and lift equipment, winches and various types of hoisting hoists;
  • servo drives for automotive, engineering and machine tool industries;
  • electric motors for above and below deck applications in the shipbuilding and marine industries;
  • power electric drives for railway transport;
  • electric drives for conveyor equipment for the mining industry;
  • electrical machines for use in the oil and gas industry;
  • electric motors for the construction, agricultural and agro-industrial sectors.

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