At the beginning of the 60s, there was a strong demand for electric motors in Turkey, as they were an important component for any industry. Alternatively, Turkish businesses had to purchase products from abroad at high prices. The situation returned to normal in 1961 when GAMAK, founded by the Gamgam dynasty of industrialists (who still own and operate the company), produced its first 1.5 kW 90 mm electric motor in its own factory in Topkapı. Their main goal was to produce quality products, developed at a high technological level with unsurpassed service and at a competitive price.

Since 1965, thanks to long-term investments in the development of innovative technologies and the purchase of modern production equipment, the number of motors produced has amounted to more than 1 thousand units per year. Some time later, the share of the company's products in the Turkish market was more than 70%, since the mass production of electric motors of this brand allowed most Turkish enterprises to gradually switch to practical and inexpensive electric drives of domestic production. In the 80s, a new plant was built with modern equipment for the automatic assembly of electric motors and an R & D center in the village. Dudullu (Istanbul), which became a solid foundation for the further development of the brand.

With a production facility of 560 sq. m, GAMAK equipped a casting, stamping and machining workshop for cases and components, an assembly, painting and quality control workshop, a warehouse with a large stock of finished products worth more than a million euros. There is all the necessary equipment for the modernization of previously mass-produced models, the staff of highly qualified employees amounted to 1000 people.

Today GAMAK is the leading electric motor manufacturer in Turkey with its own production facilities and research and development offices, on the basis of which IE2, IE3 and IE4 efficiency class electric drives have been developed and tested. It was calculated that 4,000 industrial and 2,500 electric motors with shielded poles with a power of 0.06 to 1 MW and overall dimensions from 56 to 400 mm are produced per day at the company's plants, therefore, the annual volume of produced electric motors is about 2 million 400 thousand copies.


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