KNODLER is a manufacturer of high-tech industrial drives and gearboxes with more than 70 years of development history from a small family business to a large and modern enterprise located in the city of Ostfildern (Germany).

An exceptionally innovative approach to the technology of drive and transmission devices allowed the company to create a line of first-class products with three undeniable advantes:

    high performance
    maximum efficiency
    optimally compact size

The range of products covers the following areas: plastic, food, engineering, metallurgical industries. The range of drive equipment offered is very extensive, from simple applications to complex integrated systems. KNODLER company takes on any requests, this is a real team of professionals ready to work on projects of any level. All gearboxes have a modular system, so for any configuration there will be no difficulties with the connection, all the necessary mountings and coupling units will be arranged with maximum accuracy according to the needs of customers.
The range of equipment manufactured by KNODLER includes the following series of products:

    standard general industrial gearboxes;
    mechanical gearboxes for extruders;
    gearboxes for injection molding machines and injection molding machines;
    compact gear motors;
    multi-axis transfer gears;
    drive units for injection and plasticization;
    clamping device drives;
    injection unit drives;
    gear shift mechanisms;
    accessories for additional monitoring and cooling.

The greatest competence is concentrated in the production of meat processing equipment, machine tools, metallurgy, for equipment involved in the processing of plastics and rubber. For these industries, the company is ready to offer a wide range of standard transmissions and special integrated solutions.
Knoedler is the European leader in plastic injection molding with a range of products including standard gearboxes, extruder electric drives, injection molding machine gearboxes and linear drives. The patented solution in the field of modular electric drives (CMG series electric drive) with high power density makes the manufacturer the industry leader. The electric drive of the CMG series is a modular system that combines a gear transmission and a block of electric motors in a single design. This solution is actively used as part of extrusion equipment Maillefer, Sket, Troester, Rosendahl.
Manual gearboxes and transfer cases with an extension of up to 21 shafts (differential) provide the manufacturer with a stable portfolio of orders in the field of special solutions for metallurgy and machine tool building. This series is highlighted in the production program under the VG index.
An important part of the company’s activity is the provision of services to its partners, the company’s specialists provide installation, commissioning of operational consulting support and after-sales service.
Knödler Getriebe GmbH Gearbox and Gear Production Program

    Knodler helical and bevel gearboxes of the FZ / KS 50 series - FZ / KS 12000 up to 200 000 Nm;
    Knodler mechanical drives and gearboxes for extruders of the FZ 50 - FZ 12000 series up to 200 kNm;
    Knodler reducers for injection molding machines, injection molding machines of the FZ 81 series - FZ 6001 up to 60,000 Nm;
    Electric drives of extruders, injection molding machines Knodler CMG 05 series - CMG 601 up to 1000 kW;
    Knodler multi-axis gearboxes of the VG 05 - VG 4000 series up to 21 output shafts;
    Drives injection and dosing of raw materials TPA Knodler series ZS-I / -ZS with a force of up to 1300 kN;
    Linear drives of injection molding machines with electric Knodler series ZS-C with a stroke of up to 975 mm;
    Drives of injection unit TPA Knodler ZS-E series with buoyancy up to 60 kN;
    Industrial gearboxes, adjustable gearboxes Knodler SG series up to 4 stes

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