Mecc Alte

Mecc Alte

The Italian company Mecc Alte, which has existed for more than 60 years in the electromechanical market, is now one of the leading leaders in the production of synchronous alternators. Huge production capacity, 6 large factories in Europe and Asia, continuous improvement of technologies, development and implementation of new engineering solutions, all this allows the concern to achieve specified heights, successfully produce and market products in each segment of a occupied niche.
The production cycle of Mecc Alte Spa includes the following integral components:

Mechanical production on modern machine tools with a digital control system from selected materials and components that comply with the international standard ISO 9001. Guaranteed quality and reliability due to strict control, the highest manufacturing accuracy and an efficiently organized production process.

Processing and winding operations on generators are carried out by specialized robotics, thereby maintaining the highest level of performance. The winding is impregnated with special compounds under pressure in equalization tanks.

At the final stes of assembly, all products, without exception, are subjected to automated tests with assignment of compliance with the attached certificates, are marked and, after all stes of verification and reporting, are transferred to the consumer release.
The catalog of Mecc Alte generators (Italy) can be divided into the following main categories:

    bipolar series: three-phase and single-phase models, with brushes and brushless;
    four-pole series: three-phase and single-phase models, with brushes and brushless;
    six-pole series: three-phase brushless models;
    new compact NPE series;
    high frequency generators (400 Hz);
    permanent mnet series.

Thanks to the many years of experience and research potential of the company, the range of products is expanding, trying to satisfy the needs of not only the market for a wide range of applications, but the demand for highly specialized applications.

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