Stober Antriebstechnik

Stober Antriebstechnik

The German company STÖBER Antriebstechnik GmbH is enged in the development and production of a wide range of industrial electric motors and related products for equipping drive equipment. The combination of rich experience and the active development of innovative activities give rise to unique products for the implementation of successful technological solutions.

The assortment of this brand covers a wide variety of manufacturing industries and automation processes, in particular engineering, plastic, glass, food and textile industries, woodworking, lifting and transportation operations, robotics, pumping units, etc.

The history of the company goes back to the 30s of the last century. Starting their journey from a small workshop for fine-tuning mechanics, a decade later they launched the first engines with the possibility of stepless adjustment of the speed of its work. This was followed by revolutionary achievements in the creation of electrical and applied products, a line of frequency converters, servo controllers and software packes for maintenance and commissioning appeared.

Motors with the MGS system were launched in the 90s, and practical modular solutions were included in the new program. Production capacities expanded, goods acquired new compact forms and precision qualities of the highest level. Modern STÖBER Antriebstechnik is a strong and high-tech brand for the production of unique electric motors, servo systems, gearboxes and other product categories related to the automation of industrial operations.

Our company is an official partner of STOBER Antriebstechnik in Latvian, for all questions you have, please contact our specialists, we will provide highly qualified assistance in the selection of equipment in projects of any complexity.

Constant innovative developments, extensive experience in various industries, an undeniable level of quality and operational reliability have brought this brand to the proper level of popularity and relevance among the proposals in this sector of goods.

A wide range of manufactured servomotors includes the following combined subgroups:

Synchronous brushless servo motors with excitation from permanent mnets of the EZ, EZHD and EZHP series with a capacity of up to 16 kW, five variations of overall design. Their design has been improved in relation to the following quality criteria: maximum power density, minimum ripple of torque, compactness and high energy efficiency. Various versions of the output shaft (solid, hollow), cooling systems (natural convection, forced blowing, water jacket), types of sensors for feedback.

Universal synchronous servo motors for working with a screw drive of the EZS series with a clamping block of a threaded spindle and a series of EZM for direct interaction with the screw. The rated power of the model range is up to 7.4 kW.

A huge selection of synchronous servo gear motors created on the basis of the high-performance electric motor of the EZ series in combination with a wide range of different types of gears (planetary, cylindrical, bevel, worm). A wide variety of adaptive offers and accessories for the optimal integration of the turnkey solution and creating the most efficient drive, coaxial and orthogonal design of the gear unit, any mounting position.

Innovative production technologies, extensive experience in various industries, an undeniable level of quality and operational reliability have brought this brand to the proper level of popularity and relevance among the proposals in this sector of goods.

STOBER Antriebstechnik offers its customers the most advanced developments in the field of mechanical gears, namely:

    Planetary servo gearboxes with a wide range of gear ratios from 3 to 600, among which there are high-precision gears with a play of less than 1 arc minute (marking A in the abbreviation of the series), gearboxes with a high-power Quattro satellite system with maximum torque values up to 43,000 Nm.
    Cylindrical servo gears and compact gears with parallel shafts with gear ratios from 2 to 276, various design variations
    Conical servo gearboxes with gear ratios ranging from 3 to 381, compact and multi-ste design.
    Economical worm gears with gear ratios ranging from 6 to 683.
    Rack-and-pinion gears of the ZTRS, ZTR, ZR, ZV families for working as part of the moving parts of production machines, robotics. All of them can be attached to the above series of planetary gearboxes.
    Two-speed gearboxes for spindle manufacturing applications requiring high precision and process dynamics.
    Coaxial and angular power transmission gearboxes for electric motors of IEC standards, cylindrical, bevel and worm versions.


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