VEM Motors

VEM Motors

VEM is a major international supplier of electrical equipment, which began in 1886 with the manufacture of electric motors and has now become a well-known developer of complete drive solutions for many applications. They are characterized by an exceptionally innovative approach to business, the use of an effective combination of rich experience in this area and the use of the most advanced technologies make it possible to create a highly competitive and sought-after product.

VEM has four high-tech production sites located in Germany, namely:

VEM Sachsenwerk GmbH (Dresden) is one of the oldest subdivisions of the company, founded in 1903 and specializing in the production of medium and high voltage electric machines, the upper limit of the power of the model range reaches 42 MW. Also, specialized orders are carried out here according to the requirements of individual customer projects of varying degrees of complexity. For product testing, the most modern test benches are installed, which guarantees quality and compliance with the highest requirements and standards.

VEM transresch GmbH (Dresden) is the newest division of the VEM group of companies, whose work is focused on the production of current converters and electric drive systems. Their highly trained engineers are also engaged in design development for the operation and maintenance of drives for certain automation systems and technologically complex applications.

VEM motors GmbH (Wernigerode) is one of the largest suppliers of industrial electric motors in Germany, offering a range of ratings from 7.5 to 1000 kW, standard and special series. Low-voltage motors have high efficiency classes, are manufactured according to modern quality standards using advanced technologies. Practical and compact designs are presented, the design allows the engine to be modified to a wide variety of applications.

VEM motors Thurm GmbH (Zwickau) - specialize in the production of compact electric motors with power from 0.06 to 7.5 kW of low height (from 56 to 132 mm), high performance and optimal saving of resources consumed by the drive.

Standard motor models are kept in stock, and various extensions and custom designs are also available.

Range of VEM MOTORS electric motors:

low voltage from 0.06 to 1000 kW

  • Standard (IEC) asynchronous motors for operation with a frequency converter and power ranges from 0.06 to 132 kW, three efficiency variations are available IE1, IE2 and IE3. Robust gray cast iron construction with reduced vibration levels, high protection against moisture and dust.
  • Powerful new Transnorm series extending the standard range up to 1000kW, optimized and reinforced design, efficient and environmentally friendly offering.
  • Permanent magnet synchronous motors, maximum performance and efficiency, state-of-the-art technology. Two product lines according to selected priorities: saving models and high power series.
  • Compact complete solutions of a matched pair of motor and converter for general use where mobility and small size are required.
  • Explosion-proof series with various ignition protection levels and modifications, characterized by high efficiency and economical operation.
  • Marine applications designed to operate on board ships in high humidity, splash and salt environments.
  • Electric motors with integrated brake system for forced stop.
  • Slip-ring asynchronous motors for heavy-duty applications where the best starting and control capabilities are essential.
  • Roller table motors for use in the metallurgical industry on rolling mill equipment.
  • Water-cooled varieties have a lower noise level compared to surface-cooled counterparts and are environmentally friendly in operation.
  • Traction motors designed in accordance with modern railway requirements and standards.
  • and other variations for narrower application specifics.

medium and high voltage (up to 13.8 kV, output up to 42 MW)

  • VEM MOTORS designs and delivers large and specialized electromechanical installations for a wide variety of applications: metallurgy and rolling, chemical, mining, oil and gas, power, water engineering, shipbuilding, transport and other industries.

You can buy electric motors from VEM MOTORS, find out the price and additional detailed information on the product by contacting our specialists.


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